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Susan Ella Seligman, a Long Beach California native, has been doing makeup professionally for twenty years. She got her start as a student at UCLA, with an art internship as a puppeteer on the creature crew at Boss Films Corporation.

The opportunity to work with a team of effects masters in sculpture and prosthetic design techniques provided her an invaluable foundation to understanding the architecture of faces.

After University, she honed her talents for beauty makeup as an artist for M.A.C. Cosmetics for two years. Television and film media followed, with work on shows such as General Hospital and A&E Biography series. She expanded her skills in character makeup and became deft at beard applications for multiple History Channel series.

Fifteen years experience in the press-junket world of publicity, a Local 706 member, and a nominee for the Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist Guild awards, Susan Ella is known for her airbrush proficiency as well as realistic character makeup.

Now she is a highly requested artist with experience on shoots from Los Angeles to New York and on four continents. She has worked with some of the most renowned actors and directors today, including Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Cameron Diaz and Martin Scorcese.

She likes to collaborate with the production team, particularly DP's and Photographers to understand the lighting conditions before creating a look, and continues to educate herself in technological changes and their impact on products and application.

“To me, makeup is part science – creating symmetry with color and shadow, knowing how light-reflecting properties read digitally for example. But makeup is also part magic, looking at someone’s face, seeing their natural beauty and simply enhancing that. I’m basically gilding lilies.“ 
                                                               ~ Susan Ella